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 I. Classification and duration of Patents:
 II. Requirements for a Patent Application:

The "bare minimum" documents to initiate a patent application process are:

 1.The complete specification and drawings either in a foreign language or Chinese;
 2.The applicant’s name and address. If the applicant is a company, the company name and company address, and the representative’s name in both English (in print) and Chinese (if any) are required.
 3.The inventor(s)’ name(s) and nationalities;
 4.The applicant should specify whether to file a request of substantive examination for an Invention patent application at the time of filing. If not, the request of substantive examination has to be filed in 3 years from the filing date.
 5.The applicant should specify whether to claim priority based on a corresponding application for the same invention first filed in a foreign country at the time of filing.
 The necessary documents to supplement up to the TIPO within FOUR months for an invention or a design patent application and two months for a utility model patent application after the initial filing process:
 1.An executed Power of Attorney, where an extension of supplementing time of further 2 months may be requested.(A photocopy is sufficient.)
 2.Certified Priority Document if the priority is claimed. An extension of supplementing time of further 2 months may be requested under the condition that a copy of the front page of the priority document can be submitted together with the request of time extension.
 3.Filing date and filing number of the corresponding application in home or any other countries no matter claiming priority or not.
 4.Chinese translation of the specification and drawings. In addition, below the abstract of the specification in the Chinese specification, a most characteristic drawing (the one to be laid open with the Abstract when the patent application is published) should be designated with the indication of the main numerals of each element. An extension of supplementing time of further 2 months may be requested.
 5.A complete list of numerals of elements is required as well.
 6.Special requirements to the claims: Multiple dependent claims can never be the bases of other multiple dependent claims according to the practice in Taiwan.

 III.Priority claim
 I.Duration of A Trademark
 II.Requirements for a trademark Application in one International Class
 III.Priority claim
 Filing requirement for a domain registration