[Taiwan] TIPO Publishes IPR Trends for 2024 Q1

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The TIPO’s report indicates the key trends in patent and trademark applications in Q1 2024. As we can see, it reports a slight decrease in invention and design patent filings but an increase in utility model patents. Residents accounted for 49% of patents, with TSMC leading in invention patents. Non-residents filed 51%, with Applied Materials topping the list.

Trademark applications saw a 1% rise, with Uni-President leading among residents. The data reveals significant regional activity, particularly from Japan, the USA, and South Korea.

Overall, the trends indicate evolving strategies in IP filings. We collected the main points of the article as follows:

Overall Trends in Patent and Trademark Applications
In Q1 2024, TIPO received 16,815 patent applications: 11,989 invention patents, 3,226 utility model patents, and 1,600 design patents, with a 4% decrease in invention and design patents but a 4% increase in utility model patents. Resident applicants filed 49%, and non-residents filed 51%.

For trademarks, TIPO received 21,751 applications across 26,928 classes, a 1% increase from the previous year, with 78% from residents and 22% from non-residents. The patent and trademark trends show slight variations over the past five years.

Overview of Patent Applications
  1. Top Ten Resident Applicants: Residents filed 4,492 invention patents. TSMC led with 413, followed by Nanya Tech (121), AU Optronics, Innolux (84 each), Acer (71), MediaTek (69), Inventec (65), Realtek (63), Delta (51), and Hon Hai (47). TSMC has consistently ranked first for five consecutive quarters since 2023 Q1.
  2. Top Ten Non-Resident Applicants: Non-residents filed 7,497 invention patents. Leading applicants: Applied Materials (250) from US, Samsung Electronics (240) from Korea, Coupang (175) from Korea, Qualcomm (170) from US, Tokyo Electron (165) from Japan, Nitto Denko (136) from Japan, Sumitomo Chemical (102) from Japan, Fujifilm (83) from Japan, ASML (79) from the Netherlands, and Nicoventures (71) from the UK.

    Top 5 countries (regions): Japan (3,325), USA (1,526), R. Korea (715), mainland China (698), Germany (222).

Overview of Design Applications
  1. Top Five Resident Applicants: Residents filed 753 design patents. L&F Plastics (21), CGUST, Hi-Joint (14 each), Gung Chian, and Coplus (12 each).
  2. Top Five Non-Resident Applicants: Non-residents filed 847 design patents. Volvo (32) from Sweden, Wonderland (27) from Switzerland, Stellantis (25) from France, Uni-Charm and Tasaki (both 19) from Japan. Both Volvo and Stellantis have entered the top five for the first time, with Volvo taking the lead.

    Top 5 countries (regions): Japan (213), USA (138), mainland China (105), Switzerland (91), France (51).

Overview of Trademark Applications
  1. Top Ten Applicants for Trademarks:

    Resident Applicants: Uni-President (311), Momo (72), Wu, Ruo-Mei (48), Thinkpower (47), King Car (39), Kd Flash (36), Chelpis (34), Ever Rich (33), Highwealth (27), Bionet (26).

    Non-Resident Applicants for Trademarks: Quanzhou Baoyu (56), Tencent (42), Honor Device (39), Pledis (31), Misto Brand, Chow Sang Sang (29 each), L'Oreal (24), Beijing Guangyi (22), Gilead Sciences, Artshare (21 each).

    Top 5 countries (regions): China (1,261), Japan (736), USA (674), R. Korea (449), Hong Kong (299).
  2. NICE Classification:

    Top three classes of Resident Applications: class 35 (advertising, business management, retail and wholesale services, etc.)(3,201), class 43 (restaurants, lodgings, etc.)(1,708), and class 30 (coffee, tea, pastries, etc.)(1,586).

    Top three classes of Non-Resident Applications: class 9 (computer and technology products, etc.)(884), class 35 (advertising, business management, retail and wholesale services, etc.)(600), and class 3 (cosmetics and detergents, etc.)(515).

    Resident applications focused more on trademarks for business management and catering services, maintaining significant market momentum compared to the growth rate of trademarks for goods like coffee and pastries. Non-residents emphasized trademark protection in class 9 for technology products and class 35 for retail and online shopping.
*All pictures are taken from the TIPO's website: https://www.tipo.gov.tw/en/cp-282-942703-cb299-2.html.