Professional Teams

Management Team

Simon CHIU

General Manager, Managing Partner, Trademark Attorney
Mr. Chiu is the general manager and managing partner of Jaw-Hwa. He specializes in intellectual property, financial accounting and information integration. Directing the overall developments of Jaw-Hwa, Mr. Chu leads the core value of Jaw-Hwa through successful strategic planning, business implementation, quality and efficiency management and other regulatory practices. In addition to leading our professional teams to provide high-quality services to the clients in the IP field, Mr. Chu also devotes himself in the adoption and utilization of innovative management system. Grounded on his extensive experience in the IP field, he has advocated the adoption of the electronic operating system combining with the overall computerized work way ahead of the time back in 2004. Through our electronic operating system, information and resources from every department can be integrated instantly in the cloud platform. The precious intellectual properties of our clients are managed through careful surveillance with high efficiency and safety.